Our team

Jill Troch

A lawyer at the Antwerp Bar since 2000 and started her own firm in 2009.

She pays particular attention to immigration and migration law within which sector she has published a number of publications and given training courses. Family law, with or without international elements, is also among her preferred subjects. She also handles cases within general civil and commercial law.

Nathalie Goossens

Graduated in 2010 and has since worked as a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar.

She primarily handles cases in real estate and property law, construction law, general commercial law, liability and insurance law, and traffic law.

She also has extensive in-house experience as legal counsel in the real estate industry.

Zenzi Vanderleenen

Started her internship with Mr. Jill Troch since October 2023 and has a particular interest in humanitarian and migration law. She has been with the firm since April 2021 as a paralegal and is therefore familiar with handling cases within immigration and migration law and family law.

However, the internship will cover all areas of law and she will handle pro bono cases in addition to supporting the firm.

TG Lawyers can also help you with other matters and can cooperate with specialized partners. That way, you can always rely on the same personal approach and centralization of the file with your trusted attorney.